Ace Frehley - Anomaly (2009)

This album is certainly one of those anticipated album releases I have been waiting for since the spaceman´s latest studio album "Trouble walking" in 1989.
I am a huge Kiss fan and really love Ace´s classic solo album from 1978, as usual Ace is backed up by his friend and super drummer Anton Fig who is drumming like a god on "Anomaly".
Ace Frehley hasn´t written as many classic songs in Kiss as Stanley and Simmons but his songs truly fill one album of great rockers like "Rocket ride", "Shock me", "Talk to me", "Save your love", "Hard times", "Dark light" and "Into the void".
His new solo album is quite solid and contains a few classic Frehley songs like "Change the world", "Sister", "A little below the angels" and "Outer space".
But the real highlight is the instrumental "Fractured quantum", amazing piece of music!
I don´t think "Anomaly" can match his 1978 album but the new is good, no doubt.



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