Kiss - Sonic Boom (2009)

My childhood heroes are back with a brand new studio album and this one sound even more like their 70´s albums than any release after Dynasty.
Kiss has recorded the new album the analog style to give it a more 70´s esque sound and even the artwork is done by the same man that did the Rock and roll over cover.
What strikes me is that Simmons has actually written a bunch of really good songs, sure he did a few nice songs on "Revenge" but he was rather so-so in the 80´s and almost let Stanley carry the albums himself.
Gene Simmons "I´m an animal" is excellent!
I think "Sonic boom" can be described as a mix between their 80´s albums and the 70´s stuff.
The weakest tracks are the ones sung by Thayer and Singer, "Lightning strikes" and "All for the glory", they´re ok but nothing more.
I sure did expect more from Stanley since he´s been the one that has done most of the killer tracks on all Kiss albums, his contribution to this album is ofcourse satisfying but I miss the typical Stanley songs that stand out like he has always done.
The best Stanley songs are "Modern day delilah" and "Say yeah".
"Sonic boom" is the best album since Creatures of the night, I think there were some stronger tracks on Crazy nights but the new album is more even.


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