Pink Cream 69 - Live in Karlsruhe (2009)

Pink Cream 69 celebrate their 20th anniversary with the double CD/DVD Live in Karlsruhe out on Oct 16.
It´s not the first time they release a live album, the album simply titled "Live" came out in 1997.
The band has released 10 studio albums with the latest one "In10sity" in 2007, singer David Readman has been with the band since album no.4 "Change" in 1994.
The first 3 albums are recorded with original singer Andy Deris and I´m glad to see so many as 7 tracks taken from the Deris era on "Live in Karlsruhe".
12 tracks are taken from 1997 and forward plus we get a cover medley of "So lonely" (The Police) and "No woman no cry" (Bob Marley).
Original members Bassist Dennis Ward, guitarist Alfred Koffler and drummer Kosta Zafirou are still with the band and they are as tight the bricks in the Chinese wall.
This live album sound good and it deserves nothing less than 3 out of 5.


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