Blackwood Creek - s/t (2009)

2 albums from Kip Winger in the same year is more than I could ever dream for, first the brilliant Winger album "Karma" and then Blackwood Creek that comes out on Dec 4.
Blackwood Creek is not a new band or a solo album from Kip, it´s his first band he had with his brother Nate on drums and Peter Fletcher on guitar in the late 70´s.
They broke up in 1980 and reformed in 2007 to work on their first ever record, this is more of a classic rock record with all the classic ingredients but also remind a lot of Kip´s solo albums.
"Albatross" is pure heaven and "Nothing but the sun" contains some major cool chord changes.
A super well crafted album from the mastermind Kip, AGAIN!



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