Jeff Scott Soto - One night in Madrid (2009)

Jeff Scott Soto, the man who has sang on more records than he has sold copies of, it would take the rest of my life to make a complete discography of this man so I won´t even try.
When he finally releases a live album, you could expect a fantastic set list of songs from Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, Soul Sirkus, Eyes and his solo albums just to name a few of the stuff he´s made.
But JSS is still pissed off over being kicked out of Journey so he doesn´t perform any songs from Soul Sirkus that featured Journey guitarist Neal Schon and not even the great "Believe in me" from his solo album "Lost in translation" is included on the live album, just because it was co-written with Neal Schon.
You don´t talk Journey with JSS for sure.
No, "One night in Madrid" is built on his 4 solo albums and a few songs from the Talisman era as a tribute to the late Marcel Jacobs.
We get to hear a short version of the Eyes song "Nobody said it was easy" in a piano medley and he close the show with "Stand up" from the Rock Star Soundtrack.
The majority of the songs are taken from his latest solo album "Beautiful mess" and the other 6 tracks are taken from the first 3 albums, JSS was in a funky mood this evening and goes into a jam several times with the band which is fun one time but not this much.
This live album could´ve been a lot better!



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