Kevin Gilbert - Nuts and Bolts (2009)

There´s no doubt Kevin Gilbert was a genius, he died too young at the age of 29. Kevin gave us several masterpieces like the Giraffe albums, Toy Matinee, Kaviar and the solo albums "Thud" and "The shaming of the true".
An audition was booked to replace Phil Collins as the new frontman for Genesis in 96 but Gilbert´s manager found Gilbert dead when he was to tell the news, you can always start to wonder how that Genesis album would sound like with Gilbert in the band. WOW!
To the joy for many Gilbert fans, there is now a double CD released with lots of unreleased material called "Nuts and Bolts".
It contains acoustic versions of "Jenny Ledge" (originally on the Toy Matinee album), "Goodness gracious" and "Joy town" (originally on Thud).
Also alternate versions of "The world just gets smaller" and "Finale" (originally on the first Giraffe album), "When strangers part" and "A tired old man" (originally on NRG-No reasons given).
Plus plenty of rare songs like "Kashmir" (studio version of the Led Zep cover), "While heroes cry" (I already got this one a while back) and magnificent prog stuff like "Until I get her back", "Circling winds", "Shannon Elizabeth" and "A childhoods end".
To give this collection anything less than 5 stars is a crime!



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