Meriwether - Plug in the snakes (2009)

Meriwether didn´t have much luck with their previous album "Sons of our fathers" that was produced by Howard Benson, it was never officially released but leaked on the net like most albums do in the long run.
Their new album "Plug in the snakes" is now available on iTunes and it contains 9 new songs where one track is quite short, the single "If you had guts, I´d hate em" is featured here but it´s not one of the best songs on the album.
I like songs such as "Little miss distraction", "Who do you think you are" and "Abandon all hope" much more.
The bluesy "Come home with me" is rather misplaced here I´m afraid, the title track "Plug in the snakes" is a great crowd starter on stage and the cool "Wake up lion" bring thoughts to The Revolution Smile and Vendetta Red.
For fans of Buckcherry, Charm City Devils and The Last Vegas.


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