Bruce Kulick - BK3 (2010)

What a year for Kiss fans, a new Kiss album, a new solo album from Ace Frehley and in Jan 2010, a new album from the former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick where several songs sound like they could´ve been unreleased Kiss stuff and even one song with Gene Simmons on lead vocals.
Bruce played on 6 Kiss albums and was a member in the band between 1984-1996, there are in fact moments on BK3 where Kulick sound like Frehley when he sings like the opening track "Fate" and "And I know" which are some of the highlights along with "Ain´t gonna die" feat. Simmons that could fool anyone with being a lost Kiss song the Revenge era.
"Final mile" bring thoughts to "God gave rocknroll to you" and it´s really nice to hear John Corabi on "No friend of mine", I´m sure no Kiss fan will be disappointed over BK3.



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