Geoff Tyson - S/T (2010)

The amazing guitarist Geoff Tyson will release his new 6 track EP in Jan, 2010.
I never get tired of hearing the T-Ride album from 1992 that he played on and I also loved the pop band Stimulator which he did one album with in 2004.
In 2008, Geoff released his first solo album "Slow mad descent" and 2 songs from that album are featured on the new self titled EP, they are "Polyrhythms" and "Riverbleue" that both are fusion-like rockers with a laid back feel.
You can certainly hear that Geoff is influenced by David Gilmour, the new track "You don´t know" is the lead track of the EP with a video made to it and this one is more rootsy in a singer/songwriter way.
Good song that grows but the highlight is "100 million motherfuckers" which is the heaviest track of the EP, we can´t get closer to T-Ride than this today.

T-Ride (1992)
T-Ride Unreleased 2nd album (1994)
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Stimulator - s/t (2004)
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Geoff Tyson - Slow mad descent (2008)
Geoff Tyson - s/t (2010)



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