The Murder of My Sweet - Divanity (2010)

The Murder of My Sweet - Divanity
Release Jan 29, 2010
Track by track comment
1.No evil
An awesome opener, what a great rhythmic song this is with a melodic chorus that grows each time I hear it.
2.Follow the rain
A clear hit single, I love the Rammstein-like riffs and the orchestral parts are super.
3.Bleed me dry
The first single is a winner, a great ambassadeur for the album and brilliant vocals from Angelica Rylin.
4.Chemical attraction
One of the first songs I heard as a demo, sounds so much better in this mastered studio version. Lovely keyboard work.
5.Kiss of death
Another bombastic and epic metal track perfect as a single, this is so The Murder of My Sweet!!!
6.One bullet
A magnificent rocker with horror music vibes, a song that will do just fine to open their shows with.
A typical album track, not bad at all but it doesnt match the rest of the album. Flores production lifts the song though.
8.Storms at the sea
A powerful and anthemic ballad, symphonic metal at its best so to speak. You can almost feel the cold and big ocean waves on a dark day in November.
Film noir metal is a great description for this band´s sound and this song couldn´t be more suitable for this new genre, the resurrection of Greta Garbo.
One of my favorite tracks, it´s heavy and pompous and the production deserves an award of any kind.
I would love to see a video to this 80´s sounding chorus, a catchy melody that won´t leave your head for weeks.
12.Death of a movie star
A modern Bohemian Rhapsody and the best track of the album, a masterpiece written in stone.
What you do, don´t compare this band with Epica, Nightwish or Within Temptation. TMOMS do not sound anything at all like them!


The single "Bleed my dry" features the non album track "Sands of time"
The iTunes album version features the bonus track "Mistaken"


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