Razzle - The eternal buzz (1993)

I got this cd from my buddy George in England and it´s a new acquaintance for me, the American hard rock band Razzle features Bret Jeremy - Lead Vocals/Guitar and Kenny Gioia - Drums/Bass/Backing vocals and they released their only album "The eternal buzz" in 1993.
It was tough to be a melodic rock fan this year where there weren´t that many great releases but here are a few that we could happy about:
Aerosmith - Get a grip, Van Halen - Live Right here Right now, Kiss - Alive III, Harem Scarem - Mood swings, Scorpions - Face the heat, Rush - Counterparts, Biloxi - Let the games begin, Def Leppard - Retro active, Mark Free - Long way from love, Gorky Park - Moscow calling, Open Skyz - s/t, Riverdogs - Bone, Sic Vikki - Kiss me in french, White Heart - Highlands, Robin Zander - s/t and Winger - Pull
Back to the album now that sounds like a 2nd division Def Leppard album, the sound is ok but the songs are quite bad.
Listen to Loud Lion, Grand Design or BB Steal instead if you want Leppard clones.



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