Runner Runner - Under Covers EP (2009)

Runner Runner is a busy band, after 2 EP´s in only one year. It´s time for a 3rd EP and this time they´re doing covers.
What strikes me is that these cover versions on "The Under Covers EP" are not as electro pop sounding as the previous EP´s, I prefer this guitar driven sound on the new EP and think their versions of "Sweetness" (Jimmy Eat World), "With or without you" (U2), "Semi charmed life" (Third eye blind), "She will be loved" (Maroon 5) and "Slide" (Goo Goo Dolls) are really good.
And if you´re interested in hearing a new original song with these guys, Runner Runner just released a new single called "Unstoppable" that goes more in the electropop vein.



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