Wig Wam - Non stop rocknroll (2010)

Party Glam AOR is something the Norwegian rockers Wig Wam knows by the book, I get in a good mood instantly while listening to their 80´s rock where everything is about having a good time.
The new album "Non stop rocknroll" might not be as good as the previous 2 albums but it´s still good enough to crank up on a late saturday night.
The single "Do you wanna taste it" and the awesome "Still I´m burning" stand out, another mighty fine effort from Wig Wam no doubt.



Discography: (plus bonus tracks download!!!!!)

667...The Neighbor of the beast 2004
1. 667
2. The Best Song In The World
3. Crazy Things
4. Out Of Time
5. Mine All Mine
6. Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller
7. Tell Me Where To Go
8. Erection
9. I Turn To You [Melanie C-cover]
10. Car-Lyle
11. Bless The Night
12. A Long Way
13. No More Living On Lies

Hard to be a rocknroller 2005
(re-release of 667...The Neighbour of the beast with bonus track "In my dreams")

Gods of thunder, A Norwegian tribute to Kiss 2005
I was made for loving you

Wig Wamania 2006
1. Wig Wamania
2. Rock My Ride
3. Slave To Your Love
4. Gonna Get You Someday
5. Bygone Zone
6. Dare Devil Heat
7. Kill My Rock 'N' Roll
8. The Riddle
9. At The End Of The Day
10. A R 'N' R Girl Like You
11. Can't Get Her (Out Of My Bed)
12. Breaking All The Rules
13. After The Nine O'clock News (Japan Bonus track)
14. Flying High (Japan Bonus track)

Download the 3 bonus tracks and the Kiss cover at:

Non stop rocknroll (Release Jan 29, 2010)
1. Do you wanna taste it
2. Walls come down
3. Wild one
4. C´mon everybody
5. Man in the moon
6. Still I´m burning
7. All you wanted
8. Non stop rocknroll
9. From here
10. Rocket through my heart
11. Chasing rainbows
12. Gotta get it on


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