Giant - Promise land (2010)

There are lots of AOR fans out there waiting for the new Giant album to be released on Feb 26, there are some changes in the line up though with guitarist John Roth (Winger) replacing Dann Huff and Terry Brock (Strangeways) on lead vocals.
Amazing musicians no doubt, but Giant without Dann Huff isn´t the best idea in the world to come up with.
The new album "Promise land" isn´t bad, it is a very competent AOR album just as good as their 2001 album "III".
But it doesn´t sound like Giant to me, only the title track written by Mark Spiro reminds of their first two classic albums "Last of the runaways" and "Time to burn".
I saw the original line up twice in concert and I´m quite happy with that, I´m not sure what to think about this though.



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