Last Autumns Dream - A touch of heaven (2010)

The melodic hardrock band Last Autumns Dream has released the impressive 7 studio albums between 2004 and now. Pretty rare these days, I haven´t listened to this band for a while now so it was about time I checked them out again on the brand new album "A touch of heaven" that will be out on Jan 21st.
The only original members remaining since the start are singer Mikael Erlandsson and guitarist Andy Malacek (Fair Warning), my good friend Thomas Lassar (Crystal Blue) was a member on the 2nd album from 2005 and also wrote 2 songs on the album.
The new album is no big surprise, the music is just as I expected it to sound like with predictable and average melodic rock songs even though the band perform it faultless.
Thumbs up for the cool covers of Cheap Trick´s "Surrender" and Wizzard´s "See my baby jive".


Mikael Erlandsson-Lead Vocals (2004-to now)
Andy Malacek-Guitar, of Fair Warning (2004-to now)
Jamie Borger-Drums, of Talisman (2005-to now)
Nalle Palsson-Bass, of Treat (2009-to now)
Mic Micaeli-Keyboards, of Europe (2004)
John Leven-Bass, of Europe (2004)
Ian Haugland-Drums, of Europe(2004)
Thomas Lassar-Keyboards, of Crystal Blue (2005)
Marcel Jacob-Bass, of Talisman (2005-2009) R.I.P



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