Rick Springfield - From the vault (2010)

Rick Springield is a successful artist with 20 million albums sold and more than 14 top 10 hits, he will celebrate 40 years as an artist in 2012 and he´s still going strong with the latest studio album "Venus in overdrive" from 2008 as one of his best albums to date.
In Feb, we can look forward to 2 more releases with the demo collection "From the vault" that contains several unreleased songs between 1988-2004.
And the Live DVD "Venus in Overdrive Live".
Some are demos of songs that ended up on his albums like "Woman", "Dream in color", "My depression" and "In Veronicas head".
This is truly a collection for the die hard fan of Rick Springfield, some songs really do feel like leftovers but I am amazed over the quality. The songs sound awesome with his typical Hi-tech production a la "Tao" meeting "Sahara snow".
"Love receiver" and "Hey Elieen" are great songs no doubt!

Beginnings 1972
Comic book heroes 1973
Mission magic 1974
Wait for night 1976
Working class dog 1981
Success hasn´t spoiled me yet 1982
Living in oz 1983
Hard to hold 1984
Tao 1985
Rock of life 1988
Sahara Snow 1997
Karma 1999
Shock Denial Anger Acceptance 2004
The day after yesterday 2005 (Cover album)
Venus in overdrive 2008
My precious little one - lullabies for a new generation 2009
From the vault 2010


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