Alan Parsons - Eye 2 Eye, Live in Madrid (2010)

I was never a big fan of Alan Parsons Project but I listened to a few of his early albums, even though the music was similar to Manfred Mann and Camel that I liked more, only a few songs caught my attention with APP.
He debuted with "Tales of mystery and imagination" in 1976 was quite successful up to the 1982 album "Eye in the sky", this live album "Eye 2 Eye, Live in Madrid" was recorded in 2004 and contains mostly songs from the first 7 albums and no songs off the 4 albums released between 1984-1999.
The band also perform one song from the latest 2004 album "A valid path", and it´s "More lost without you" that sound like it could´ve been featured on the classic albums from the 70´s.
This is definitely only for the fans but I thought it was an ok hour to spend with Alan Parsons.



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