Neely - Everything I am (2009)

The rock duo Neely is made up of husband/wife Jeremy and Kaci Neely, their debut album "Everything I am" shows 2 different sides of music.
The 7 songs with male vocals goes in the modern rock sound of Daughtry and 3 Doors Down meeting 38 Special´s southern rock while the 3 female fronted tracks are more Kelly Clarkson-like pop/rock with a country style.
Overall, a good album that should work very well for a long ride in the car.



  1. Just ran across this via a Google search. Thanks so much...not just for reviewing this album but all your work! This Blog is've put so much work into this!!! We're going to post it on our blog and around our Facebook and Twitter sites. Thanks again!

  2. Cool, thank you. I´m glad my blog turns up on google search! :-)
    Look forward to hear new music from you


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