We Are The Fallen - Tear the world down (2010)

We Are The Fallen is Evanescence without Amy Lee, or you could say Evanescence with an Amy Lee clone. Yes, Ben Moody wanted to recreate the sound of the million selling album "Fallen" from 2002 so he hooked up with American Idol contestant Carly Smithson and gives us the exact copy of "Fallen" but not with the same strong hits.
Carly has a perfect pitch but her voice is just as alive as a stone, the production on "Tear the world down" sounds expensive but the songs bore me to death.
Only "St.John" stand out with a cool chorus and the best track is a cover ofcourse, Madonna´s "Like a prayer".
This album misses the most important part of Evanescence´s "Fallen", namely co-writer David Hodges (Trading Yesterday) so Amy Lee is not the only one pissed off over this crap. Me too!




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