Drive Like Red - Too much is never enough EP (2010)

My hometown Orebro is not only about Millencolin, User of a common name and Wolf when it comes to rockmusic, lots of talented and great bands keep poppin up in this beautiful town.
Smash into pieces, Human Cometh, Mammuth, This Haven, Restriction of liberty, Runawaydroid, Ourlastbreath, Hammarstrom and Mark are just a few of new promising artists you´re gonna hear more from in the future.
And Drive Like Red ofcourse, their debut EP "Too much is never enough" is an impressive piece of work that could compete with any American pop punk act on the charts.
It´s kinda trendy to blend pop with hardcore but it´s a successful formula for many bands today and Drive Like Red sure know what they are doing.
This 5 track EP should be in your collection as well, also check out the non EP track "Chasing ghosts" if you want more than these 5 songs.



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