ForthAngel - Silver bullets EP (2010)

When I reviewed ForthAngel´s previous EP "In the end" (2009) at, there were plenty of fans leaving comments which was very nice.
I gave it 3 stars and thought the band had potential of getting better and I was right, the band has matured and gotten stronger on their brand new EP "Silver bullets".
These new songs are harder, better and kick ass like true metalheads should, I got the mp3´s from the band and I was happy to hear they had written new material that will take ForthAngel higher up on the ladder of rock.
Just listen to "Story of the world" or "White light", that energy can light up all the neon signs in Las Vegas and the ballad "Believe" shows the band from a different and more melodic side.
The new EP is less electronic which only suits the band´s sound better, Bravo!



  1. Kaj, review Crashing Daylight's Nature of Feeling!


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