Royal Hunt - X (2010)

The only remaining original member of Royal Hunt is Andre Andersen but he is also the founder and leading songwriter for the band, Mark Boals is the 4th lead singer to front the band and he debuted with "Collision course" in 2008.
The band´s 10th studio album "X" was released in Japan earlier this year and will be released in Europe on June 7, I used to be a huge fan of this band and do love albums like "Moving target" (1995), "Paradox" (1997) and "The mission" (2001) but musically RH has nothing to offer me anymore. They´re doing the same album over and over again but weaker everytime.
These new songs would do fine on a Yngwie Malmsteen album but that doesn´t say anything either since his Rising Force is more of a Falling Force nowadays.
"X" sounds like another day at the job except for the track "Shadowman" which is really good.



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