Violent Divine - Release the hounds (2010)

The 3rd album from Swedish rock/metal band Violent Divine continues where "In harm´s way" from 2009 left off, they deliver modern hard rock from the same neighborhood as Sparzanza and Corroded on the new album "Release the hounds".
I don´t think the new album can match the previous "In harm´s way" but these 14 new tracks are good and worth checking out, especially the ballad "This heart is about to be broken" and the killer "Sweet blood".
Thumbs up for the Zakk Wylde-like guitar riffs on "Until death".



  1. Hello¡¡ Can you pass me a link by mediafire,megaupload or wathever for getting release the hounds from violent divine?i dont find it anywhere¡¡my mail is thanksss¡¡¡¡¡


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