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Lost in Colour - Searching for the sun in the dark

Mozart Season - Nightmares out on July 20

The Start Over - Survivor´s guide EP (2010)

Life of Agony to release new Live CD/DVD

Black Mountain - Old fangs FREE DOWNLOAD

Raunchy - A discord electric

Abandon All Ships - Take one last breath

Interpol to release new album

Woodo guitars clip by Human Cometh members Morgan and Jon

Weezer - Represent VIDEO

Scarlet Grey - The sky and I FREE DOWNLOAD

Rosaline - The vitality theory

The Relay Company - Love me hate me

Black City - Black City (2010)

Spleen United - Sunset to sunset

Call The Cops - Call The Cops (2010)

Michael W Smith with new single and new album

Raining and Ok - Living like a ghost EP STREAM

Bad City - Wildlife VIDEO

Farewell Fighter - The winning team EP FREE DOWNLOAD

More Human Cometh info regarding HCII

Human Cometh drummer and Savatage singer

Human Cometh Woodo Guitars Video Clip

My Dear Addiction - New Blood (coming soon)

Fuji Minx - The music made me do it FREE DOWNLOAD

First Signal featuring Harry Hess

The Fantastic People - Fantastic music for fantastic people (2010)

Yoso - Elements (2010)

Gimme some news

ReVamp = After Forever + Soilwork

Flash Lightnin´ to release debut album

Go Periscope - Breathe deception FREE DOWNLOAD

Last Day Before Holiday - Clap your hands VIDEO

Morgan Pettersson of Human Cometh - Woodo Guitars Demo Song

Reza - Moonless (2009)

World Cup thoughts

Demians to release new album

Ingram Hill - As long as I´m with you

TNT to release new album in 2010

Tony Harnell and The Mercury Train - Round trip (2010)

Rooney - Eureka (2010)

Fiction Plane - Sparks (2010)

Jorn - Dio (2010)

Jackdaw 4 - Beautiful game FREE DOWNLOAD

Lo-Pro - The beautiful sounds of revenge (2010)

Terra Nova - Come alive (2010)

Elliot Minor - Fireflies

Superficial Saints - Fall in to pieces

Oedipus - Tres Las

Cadence - I´m not scared FREE DOWNLOAD

Hurts - Better than love VIDEO

Runner Runner - So obvious FREE DOWNLOAD

Playlist June 6

The Bloodshot Gamblers - Pain and other simple pleasures (2009)

Needmore - Needmore (2009)

Josh Rouse - El turista (2010)

Welcome To The Numb - Songs for sleep walkers (2010)

Krista Detor - Chocolate paper suites (2009)