Jorn - Dio (2010)

Jorn´s tribute album "Dio" was planned a year ago, and little did he know that Ronnie James Dio would leave us before the release of this album.
Jorn has one of the finest voices in rock business today and is the right man for the job to make Dio proud in heaven of these strong cover versions.
It´s quite easy to get emotional while listening to these Dio classics with Jorn singing when you know that Dio isn´t among us anylonger.
The album opens with the new written original "Song for Ronnie James" that shows Jorn from his absolutely best side saluting the legendary voice of Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Heaven and Hell.
5 tracks are from Holy diver, the title track from Sacred heart, 2 songs from Dream Evil, 1 song from Magica, 1 song from Killing the dragon, the Rainbow classic Kill the king plus Lonely is the word from Black Sabbath´s Heaven and Hell album.
Whatever you call Jorn, don´t call him lazy because this is the 17th album he´s singing lead on since 1994.



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