Reza - Moonless (2009)

I receive albums from the Swedish label Hemifran every now and then, and once in a while I review an album that normally doesn´t fit in on my blog musicwise but I like to be open minded.
Just the same way I used work at between 2001-2009, however the main albums I write about goes in the rock/metal genre so don´t worry if you´re allergic to other different music styles.
Reza from Paris, France sounds like he´s been listening to Leonard Cohen, Morrissey and Johnny Cash every day of his lifetime. The songs on his latest album "Moonless" are very poetic, melancholic and moody.
I thought at first that the music felt too dark but I kinda like it after a few spins, not that I will return to it often but it works. Best track is "Why?".
A decent piece of work.



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