Tony Harnell and The Mercury Train - Round trip (2010)

You don´t only think TNT when you see the name Tony Harnell, the high pitched singer has also been in bands like Morning Wood, Starbreaker and Westworld but ofcourse TNT is the first that comes in mind.
This time around he puts out a record with stripped down versions of songs he performed with TNT and Westworld, the majority of the tracks are from his time in the viking band and only 2 re-recorded songs from Westworld.
The new album "Round trip" ends with the new song "Anywhere but here" that shows Harnell from a more folkrock side, a decent song but it stands in the shadows of great songs like "Northern lights", "Intuition", "10.000 lovers" and "Uninvited".
I´m not sure what his fans will think about this album when some songs are performed in a bluegrass style, I myself prefer the rocking originals but it was cool to hear some of these songs in a different way.
However, I won´t listen to it again.



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