Yoso - Elements (2010)

Some bands truly deserve to be called Supergroups like Yoso where the members are Bobby Kimball (Toto), Tony Kaye (Yes) and Billy Sherwood (Yes, World Trade).
Their debut album "Elements" should please fans of all 3 bands since we get to hear traces of progressive rock and west coast music in these songs, the best way to describe Yoso is 50% World Trade, 30% Yes and 20% Toto.
Billy Sherwood has made a bigger impact on "Elements" than the other two so I guess he was more involved in the songwriting process than Kaye and Kimball.
The 2nd disc is a live CD where they perform 3 songs off Yoso, 5 songs off Toto and 3 songs off Yes. I must say I enjoyed the live album just as much as the studio record.
Not a classic but well done.




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