Stan Bush - Dream the dream (2010)

Stan Bush has been around 3 decades making classy AOR music where the highlights are the Barrage album (1987) and the previous album "In this life" from 2007.
Not to mention his collaboration with Vince DiCola on the 1986 Transformers movie with excellent songs like "Dare" and "The touch".
"The touch" is done in a new and modern version on the new album "Dream the dream" and I must say, I really like it because I was expecting a new recording of the song like it sounded back in the 80´s so this is a surprise.
The new album pretty much takes off where the last one ended, the songs sound like cousins to "In this life" which itself sounded like a sister album to Stan Bush and Barrage.
Sure it´s good but I don´t get the goose bumps I had from the previous album.
The fans will love it though!



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