Stefano Frollano - Sense of you (2010)

Stefano Frollano from Italy has been making albums since the mid 90´s with "Sense of you" being the latest one, Stefano is influenced by folk rock and west coast music with artists like America and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
So it must be a huge thing for Stefano when he is joined by guitarist Jeff Pevar and keyboardist James Raymond of Crosby, Stills and Nash´s backing band on this album.
There is a comfy vibe running through the entire album but Stefano does not manage to move me with his voice, he is a better songwriter than he is a singer.
There are some jazzy moments that are cool and my favorite is "Chagall´s song" but I`m not a fan of the Van Morrison-like songs such as "Fallin´ apart".



  1. Hi Kaj, my website is

    The record is available here and it has been released by indie label Terre Sommerse

    Thanks a lot



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