Interview with Autovein

When I first heard about the band Autovein, they were called The Adored and was signed to Columbia Records in 2005, then as usual in the record business things started to get messy and all of a sudden their debut album "Bullets and bruises" came out on Outlook Music in 2007.
Their new album "Souvenirs" is one of the best albums in the modern rock genre of 2010.
Here is an interview with drummer Andy Herrin and frontman Bryan Roach.

1.Hi there, how are things going for Autovein at the moment?
Andy -Things with Autovein are very exciting right now. We've got a bunch of new songs we are in the process of recording, which we will be releasing very soon. We are also working on some tour dates at the moment as well.

2.So when did you join the band, wasn´t it Ben Miller who played drums on the first album "Bullets and bruises"?
Andy -I joined the band in Nov.2009. I was actually backstage at Cruefest in St.Louis seeing some friends play, when I was approached by Brandon about Autovein needing a drummer. They gave me a CD with the new songs and I loved what I heard, so I went and rehearsed with them and it felt great.
Ben Miller was the drummer before me, but I believe Matt Fine played drums on the first album

3.It´s been quite a change in the line up between the albums with only singer Bryan Roach and guitarist Zack Alexopulos left from the first album.
But I reckon Bryan is the one making most of the music?
Andy -Ya Bryan is the primary song writer. He basically brings stuff to rehearsal and then we all work on it together, but he's always been the main songwriter of the band
Bryan -Well, it's true this band has gone through quite a few personnel changes, but the way I see it - that was just part of the evolution of the band...this is really the only one we focus on now. the old record (Bullets and Bruises) just represents where we were as a band when we made it, and the same holds true for the new record. Truth be told - Autovein will always strive to grow, and change, and challenge ourselves, and evolve

4.I´m not that familiar with the music scene in St.Louis more than its a blues and jazz city, please enlighten me about some other well known bands and artists from your hometown.
Andy -St.Louis is definitely known for it's jazz and blues, but there are some bands breaking out these days. CAVO, old friends of ours, are doing really well on Warner brothers these days. Also, LUDO, The Bottle Rockets, and Story of the Year are from St.Louis as well. And who could forget Chuck Berry of course. He actually still performs monthly in STL. He's 80 something years old and he still does the "duck walk" every night. It's amazing to see.
Bryan -Ton of great bands from here...both commercially successful and not...the Urge, Stir, Living Things, Greenwheel, Go Van Gogh, Story of the Year, Cavo...oh yeah - and then us. hehe.

5.It´s been over a year now since the latest album "Souvenirs" was released, are you working on new songs with a possible new album in the works on the horizon?
Andy -We have 2 brand new songs we literally just recorded and we are extremely excited about them. We are hoping to get them released very soon. We're already playing them live, and the crowds seem to be digging them.
Bryan -Truth is, we released "Souvenirs" ourselves in November of 2009 and pulled it from stores just a few months later to begin working on a proper release...but that deal never happened. we've been working on a bunch of new music and we intend to put something out very soon. no details yet...but stay in touch!

6.I watched the video of "Suicides and lullabies" on youtube which is an awesome song and am quite frustrated over that you aren´t more popular, is it hard to get your music played on radio over there?
Andy -Thanks very much, we are very proud of that video. It actually just got picked up by "Cool TV" which is a newer music video channel and we're talking with MTVU about playing it, fingers crossed!
Radio in the US is rough these days. Bigger labels run who gets played and who doesn't. Suicides is getting some play, hopefully it'll keep picking up, and the video being on different networks will hopefully help out too. We definitely feel you on the frustration side of things haha.

Bryan -Sure it's tough. ask almost any band, even the successful ones, and they'll tell you the same thing. but they'll also tell you "don't quit" and "never give up"...and we won't.

7.Autovein have shared stages with bands like The Exies, Cavo and Smile Empty Soul.
Is there any band you would like to support on a world tour?
Andy -I would love to support Idlewild on a World tour. I love that band and rocking with them every night would be a dream come true. Not to mention, I would hope some of their style would rub off on me
Bryan -Many I'm sure. 30 Seconds to Mars would be amazing tho - I've seen some footage of their oversees shows and they look insane

8.If you were the last survivor on earth where the zombies ruled the planet and you had a tank, armored and ready to blast some zombies. The tank ofcourse had a huge sound system but only one CD in it. Which album would you like to listen to while taking on some dead walkers?
Bryan -I have a short list of truly amazing CDs that I believe I could listen to forever - but if I had to narrow it down to a CD that I could rock while crushing zombies...i think it would be something like Coral Fang by the Distillers. die zombies.

9.I guess you are huge fans of Foo Fighters as well as grunge music which has influenced Autovein´s sound, what bands did you grow up listening to?
Bryan -Who are the Foo Fighters? just kidding. everything really...and I mean really. all of us are different. we raz each other all the time about the shit in our iTunes. I'd say no genre is off-limits...not even country or rap. for dad used to play a lot of Doobie Brothers, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, and even Randy Travis...but my older brother was always listening to Rush and Van Halen...I always seemed to find something I liked in almost all of it...except maybe Rush...never did understand that...and for the's true that early Autovein was influenced somewhat by grunge - but there are a LOT of great bands that shaped the writing on that first record...Creeper Lagoon, Jimmy Eat World, Longwave, Pedro the Lion, BRMC, and even Coldplay - to name a few. they're influence may not be as obvious...but it's there... thank you for the interest!


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