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Cory Lamb - It´s a good life

Kiros - Unshaken

The Living End - Song for the lonely

5 Bugs - All we´ve ever had

The Dirty Youth - Fight

Sent By Ravens - We´re all liars


Poets of the fall - Cradled in love

Coming soon

Pioneer - Treason

Stonecollar - Swallowed by the sun

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Trust

Halestorm - Love Bites

Record labels we miss - MTM Music

Big Wreck - Albatross

Lavett - Find your purpose

Chris Volz and Jarod Delgado - Here and now

Holding Sand - Float

Unmaskd - Mask of me

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Galactic Cowboys

Under the radar : Amanda Davis

The Madison Letter - Nothing but a chance

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Samson

New Nobility - Paradise

The Violet Lights - Sex and sound

The Used - I come alive

Feeder - Borders

Eisbrecher - Verruckt

Down Below - Du und ich

My Darkest Days - Casual Sex

Cal Ecker - I will love you

Rock and roll heroes - Bon Jovi

District Myths - Unrequited

Under the radar : Laura Wilde

Fireflight - Stay Close

Hawk Eyes - Dead Man´s Hand

Arrow Haze - Elly Kedward

Peasant - The Flask

Lightning Love - Deadbeat

Tiny Victories - Lost Weekend

Under the radar : Marion Crane

Phone Joan - Damned

The Good Natured - Video Voyeur

7Lions - Born 2 Run

Era9 - Goodnight

The Paramedic - Headlines

Van Halen - Tattoo

Train - Drive By

Bullet Train Blast - Bang Bang Bang

PK - Not in love

Orcas - Carrion

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Iron Maiden

Slaves on dope - Over the influence

Foxy Shazam - I like it

David Crowder Band - Oh great god, Give us rest

Straight Frank - Monster

Janus - Stains

Sent By Ravens - Learn from the night

Sharks - Arcane Effigies

Day of Vengeance - Majesty

Bastille - Laura Palmer

5 quick questions to Greta Valenti

Livingston - Satelllite

Steaming Satellites - The mustache mozart affaire