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Blue Stahli - Let´s go

Ryan Monroe - A painting of a painting on fire

Empires - Garage hymns

Metric - Youth without youth

Jukebox The Ghost - Safe travels

Otenki - Ghosts

Dane Rumble - Lights go out

Stonefield - Bad reality

Patti Smith - April fool

Luna Rise - Dead alley

The Golden Sounds - The fireflies were right

September Mourning - Melancholia

Iggy Pop - Apres

ReinXeed - Welcome to the theater

Down to a science - Ghosts

Broken Valentine - Down

Guano Apes - When the ships arrive

The Cult - For the animals

House of Heroes - Touch this light

Admiral Grey - Dead to me

Until June - New album

The Rocket Summer - Life will write the words

The Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania

Attention Thieves - You´ll be the first one

Stanfour - Learning to breathe

Player - Addiction EP

Angel King - Rock and roll doctor


For All Those Sleeping - Outspoken

Miss May I - At heart

Pakt - Lichterloh

Cold December

Richard Marx - Inside my head

Kip Winger - Stayin alive

Gun - Break the silence

Dark Princess - The world I´ve lost

Jukebox The Ghost - Somebody

Vampires Everywhere - I cant breathe

Quietdrive - Up or down

Make Do And Mend - Everything you ever loved

Lawson - When she was mine

City of Lions - You all along

Asia - Face on the bridge

Devin Shelton - So far away

Pure Love - Bury my bones

Papa Roach - Even if I could

Ultravox - Brilliant

The Butterfly Effect - Effected

The Offspring - Days go by

Rock and roll heroes - Gasolin

Black River Drive - Down by the river

ClassX - Only human

Blair Gilley - If you wanted more

Coastline - Taken under

Lita Ford - Living like a runaway

Maroon 5 - Overexposed

Jakob Samuel - Stars and grace

City of Heroes - Fight or flight

Von Benzo - The Dark

Skinmask - Darklight

All Kings Assembly - Here we go

Adamantium - Strength in my resolve

Asia - XXX

Charlotte Martin - Hiding places

Straight Lines - Commitments

Melody Fall - I wanna see you wallow

Action Item - Marching band

Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand

Owl City - Dementia

Maroon 5 - Payphone

Out Law - Truth

Devil´s Train - Sweet devil´s kiss

Strangers - Bred for breeding

Feeder - Children of the sun

Tainted Nation - F.E.A.R

Night By Night - The Moment

The Angels - Waiting for the sun

Sounds Under Radio - Effigy

Human Cometh HCII review

This Providence - Trouble

Little Caesar - American dream

Lit - Same shit Different drink

Crashscene - I fall apart

His Statue Falls - Mistaken for trophies

William Beckett - Compromising me

The Tattoo Rebellion - In a rock band

Great White - Elation

Godsmack - Live and inspired

Scissor Sisters - Magic hour

Sonata Arctica - Stones grow her name

Motion City Soundtrack - Go

Spineshank - Anger Denial Acceptance

John Schlitt - The Greater Cause

Engel - Question your place

Jessie James - When you say my name

Desperation Band - Wonderful

Andy Cherry - Nothing but the blood

Oxygen - Final warning

Youth Sounds - Burn out