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Throw The Fight - What doesn´t kill us

This Century - Bleach blonde

Susanna Hoffs - Someday

The Darkness - Every inch of you

Katatonia - Dead end kings

Kismet - We don´t

Sweet Cyanide - Heavy

Invader Cain - Back of your mind

Jones - Good sex

Fools For Rowan - Killed a man today

Awaken The Empire - Rise and fall

The Hush - Hold you down

Cilver - Hey boy

Fall From Grace - 18 and out

Pop Evil - Boss´s daughter

Place Called Rage

Owl City - The midsummer station

Alanis Morissette - Havoc and bright lights

We Rob Banks - Headlights

Underline The Sky - Bad news

Life Thru Iris - In or out

Bad Axis - Like a ghost

Rezlow - Face down

Ocasan - No one´s safe in Soho

Write This Down - Lost weekend

November Zulu - Adrenaline

John Fogerty - Wrote a song for everyone

InAshton - Days away

Breathe Carolina - Hit and run

Billy Talent - Viking death march

Linkin Park - Lies, Greed, Misery

Senses Fail - War paint

In my stereo : Burn The Fleet

Abandon All Ships - Infamous

A New Way To Flavour - Towards the skyline

3 Pill Morning - Black tie love affair

Stellar Revival - Love, lust and bad company

Passion Pit - Gossamer

Aerosmith - Music from another dimension

Aerosmith - Legendary child

Project 86 - Wait for the siren

Petra - Best of the 80´s

Yellowcard - Always summer

Downtread - Stand your ground

Attention - Tattered youth

Passion Pit - Take a walk

The Spill Canvas - To Chicago

A Hero A Fake - The future again

The Feud - It aint right

Lostprophets - We bring an arsenal

Menew - Never let go

Ashei - Beautiful surrender

Last Stand For Lucy - Sinking

Avelaine - Prisoner

Face The King

Seven - I can´t take this anymore

Keam - Keam

Sleeperstar - Blue eyes

Prayer - Danger in the dark

Atlas Genius - Trojans

Forever Came Calling - Contender

Matchstickmen - A change in season

3 Pill Morning - Skin

Maylene and The Sons of Disaster - Open your eyes

Aria - Purgatory

Prospect Hill - Come alive

Sal Vitro - It´s not love

Fivefold - The story

Damn Delicious - Skylight

So Called Plan - Lost in the fire

SiM - Killing me

Shide - Anguish

Hardline - Fever dreams

Hurt - Caught in the rain

John Schlitt - Live it loud

The Broken Needles - Cheap gin

3 Pill Morning - Drive by lies

Oceans Divide - Break

Bonaventure - I dare you

The Fairchilds feat.Orianthi - High

Autozamm - The review

Smash Into Pieces - I want you to know

Pierce The Veil - Collide with the sky

Breakaway - Here I am

Emperors - Be ready when I say go

Matthew Ebel - The last pirate

Niki Thunders - Take me

Iconcrash - We are the night

Pegazus - Road warrior

For Our Hero - 2012

Missy Higgins - The ol´ razzle dazzle

Iron Mask - Hordes of the brave

An Epic No Less - Echo of love

10 Years - Minus the machine

Celldweller - Unshakeable

Stirling Road - Without you

The Murder of My Sweet - Unbreakable

The Waiting Kind - EP

Lunic - Far away

Summer Camp - Life

Days of Jupiter - Still feel you breathe

Vampires Everywhere - Hellbound and heartless

A Place To Bury Strangers - Worship

Devin Townsend - By a thread

Hawkwind - Onward

Saving Abel - Bringing down the giant

Spineshank - Nothing left for me

The Ready Set - Give me your hand

Mark Tremonti - All I Was

Empra - Doesn´t make much sense

The June Fiasco - This is your life

Burn The Gallows - Infinity

House of Fools - Love

Scream Out Loud - Live it up

Van Susans - Fireworks

Red Light Sound - Earth divides

I Call Fives - I Call Fives

Stone Iris - Hide and seek

Letterist - Five alarm

Fight The Fade - What we know

Galacteve - Stray

EarlyRise - What if

Make Do And Mend - Lucky

The Neighbourhood - I´m sorry

Hawthorne Heights - Hope

Godsmack - Whatever

Tiny Victories - Mr Bones

Otherwise - Soldiers

TheFallen - Dirty little dead girl

Villainy - The answer

Theory of Noise - Cradle

Howling Dollhouse - Dark and hungry gods

Yournalist - Fast lane

Day of Vengeance - Star breather