Interview with Boheme

She is a very talented singer and she just released her debut solo album "Follow the freedom" where Journey´s former frontman Steve Perry is guesting on one track, she used to be a member of Antigone Rising and has shared the stage with Steven Tyler. Here is Cassidy aka Boheme!

Hey, how come you chose Bohème as an artist name instead of your real name, Cassidy?
Boheme-Unfortunately between the time I joined my former band and went solo, a rapper named Cassidy hit it pretty big and branded the name. I always just went by Cassidy because my last name sounds more like a pizzeria than a recording I had to think of something else.

You have toured/played shows with huge bands like Aerosmith, Rolling Stones and Dave Matthews etc. What is your greatest memory from all artists you've shared stage with?
Boheme-Singing with Steven Tyler in front of 20,000 fans. Seeing Keith Richards side stage watching our show every night. There are many pinch me moments...

Many fans know you from your time with Antigone Rising and the breakthrough album "From the Ground Up" in 2005. Why and when did you decide to leave the band?
Boheme-People definitely know me from A.R....even if they don't realize it. I get a lot of people being like "Wait...where have I seen you before"? We sold over 750,000 copies of that record so it was pretty far reaching. But my new project Bohème has actually done better at radio so that may change at some point. And I left because it was time. I had pretty much done all I could do there. It was mutual.

I remember that your former band did a cool cover of "Fat Bottomed Girls" on the Killer Queen Tribute in 2005, that also featured bands like Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Gavin DeGraw and Jason Mraz. Was that song given to you from Hollywood Records or did you pick it yourselves?
Boheme-I always wanted to cover that song...I had brought it to the band years before and we played it almost nightly. We just got lucky that a Queen tribute album was being made right around the time we were getting some exposure. So the planets aligned for us.

Your new solo album "Follow the Freedom" is a bit different sound wise compared to your former band. Do you feel more at home with the sound of soul and pop instead of the country influenced pop/rock in Antigone Rising?
Boheme-I feel comfortable doing both. I think it's just a matter of doing something different after having done one genre for 8 years. But the live shows feature both for sure.

When people are buying less physical records these days, what do you think is the most important promotion to break as an artist in 2012? Is it on YouTube, Spotify or perhaps American Idol? American Idol...or The Voice etc... Hands down those shows are proving to be the way to get to people. It's undeniable.

I think your new solo album brings thoughts of Lisa Stansfield, Natalie Imbruglia and Adele. What artist is your biggest influence?
Boheme-Interesting. I've been hearing those same comparisons drawn over and over and I love it. I'm influenced by many things that really range. Hall and Oates, to The Commodores, Pearl Jam to Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Simon to Tom Waits..Elvis Costello to Gladys Knight. Bonnie Raitt, Rap, Heavy Metal, Disco. It's everything all the time. Which is why my music has so many different's intentional.

I really like your first single "Blind Spot" which is so easy to sing-along to but another favorite is "Done, Done, Done". That chorus has hit potential no doubt. Do you have a personal favorite? Is it the new single "Even the Mistakes" maybe?
Boheme-Thanks...I appreciate that. I love them all but I'm partial to the single Blind Spot, and Undertow. Also Thank You For Breaking My Heart.

Please tell me about the day when legendary Steve Perry entered the studio and ended up singing background vocals on the song "Follow the Freedom". That must've been unreal?
Boheme-It was. He liked what he was hearing and ended up spending the week in the mixing bay with me. He sang and shared tricks of the trade. It was a total unexpected blessing.

So what do you like to do to relax when you're not working with music?
Boheme-I like to paint and spend time playing with my beloved dog. I love to cook and hang out with friends. I also enjoy acting. It's a hobby though because I don't want to stress over it. Stress + Art = No fun.

One more question, I know it's a secret but you can tell me, you're doing a duet with Steve Perry on his next solo album right?
Boheme-Oh man...I'd just be happy with a next solo album, wouldn't you? ;)


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