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Shatter Effect - Vol.1

Liberty Lies - Someone else

Keith LuBrant - Wide awake and alive

Fiction Killer - All my enemies are dead

Miles Kane - Give up

Vertica - Chasing light

Aarsen - A pill to kill

Paris - The Heartless

Love, Robot and Paris - Rain

Mary Has A Gun

I Am Giant - Blood money

Skunk Anansie - Spit you out

Red Nova - Dandelion child

Villainy - Another time

Ghost Loft - Seconds

Stryper - Bleeding from inside out

I Am Empire - Remedy

Pop Evil - Trenches

The Venetia Fair - The day I set them free

Sacred Mother Tongue - A light will shine

Plumb - Beautiful

Outseek - Never ending war

Bands of two line up´s - E.L.O

Angels Landing - Reset

Spocks Beard - Brief nocturnes and dreamless sleep

Simple Minds - Celebrate

Phoenix - Bankrupt

Eagles - The Studio Albums 1972 - 1979

Fable - Killing our memories

Lullacry - To every heartache

Flawed Element - On the surface

DaysEye - Severed lies

Warrior Poet - I´m not gone

De Van - Private hell

The Stone Foxes - Everybody knows

Pure Love - Beach of diamonds

Trapt - Living in the eye of the storm

Boiling Point - Brand new day

Bands of two line up´s - Barclay James Harvest

Temple - It´s only okay for you

Stone Sour - Do me a favor

Deuce - The one

Paramore - Now

Anavae - Storm chaser

Phoenix - Entertainment

Red Line Chemistry - Tug of war

Farewell 2 Fear - Diamonds

Bands of two line up´s - Nazareth

Canvas Wall - Thinking Out Loud

Interview with Sloth

Bands of two line up´s - Great White

Spoken - Stand alone

Fighting Lights - Implosions

Goldsboro - Great white buffalo

Delightful Downfall - Dirty little secret

ShannoN - Forever now

Beyond Me - Reaching out

Mind of Doll - Cold sweat

Orianthi - Frozen

Bow Echo

The Deafening - Death rattle n roll

Jacob´s Son - Swan dive

Bands of two line up´s - Sweet

Five Knives - All fall down

Zeromancer - Bye bye borderline

Rhett Walker - Come to the river

Bands of two line up´s - Queensryche

Todd Rundgren - State

i-Exist - Humanity Vol.IV

Vicolo Inferno - Hourglass

Arthemis - We Fight

Dumper - Stand your ground

Yournalist - Colosseum

The New Black - III Cut Loose

Van Halen - 1978-1984 Box Set

Orianthi - Heaven in this hell

KLOGR - King of unknown

Bands of two different line up´s - Saxon

Nergard - A question of god

Cola Wars - Centre of

Well Hung Heart - The music made me do it

Madison - Trouble

Incura - Who you are

Silverstein - Massachusetts

We Are Stereokid - Let me go

Sinshrift - One more reason

Slash - Anastasia

Rock and roll heroes - John Wetton

Top 10 albums so far (Jan-Feb)

Volbeat - Outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies

Tanadra - Not alone

John Fannon - Just run

Sebastian Bach - Abachalypse now

Some Stranger - Points East

Lunar Path - Memento Mori

Monday Night Indian - Pace Car

S.U.N - I´m the one

Threshold - Staring at the sun

My Chemical Romance - Surrender the night

My Chemical Romance - Burn bright

Colton Dixon - Noise

The Chasers - Wasted sons

Bastion - Something whispers