Interview with Magnum Bonum

Magnum Bonum, a classic pop/rock band in Sweden from the late 70´s with hits like "Skateboard" and "Hög hatt". They had their peak between 1977-1982 but has now returned with the smashing new studio album "Skott från gevär", why not take a moment to read an interview with the band´s singer and songwriter Mats Hedström where he talks about the new album and old concert memories.

Hello Mats, it has taken a long time for Magnum Bonum to finally release a new studio album.
Now you´re back with the phenomenal new album "Skott från gevär", why the long wait?
Mats - We havent had inspiration to write any new songs untill now, and now I have my own studio at home so we could record it ourself

I noticed the song "Min frusna själ", originally called "Du kan se mig", is a few years old. Have all the songs on the new album been around for some time or are they specifically written for "Skott från gevär"?
Mats - Yeah we had 2 songs from the evigt ung record from 2005, we did some new arrangements on "Kan du se mig" and "Du ljuger" and re-released it ,  "Alibi" is an old song from the 80´s, "Skott från gevär" is a song by David Björk and Veronica Maggio´s "Satan i gatan", but the rest is newly written

Three of the members including yourself were in the classic line up from the early 80´s.
Do you share the lead vocals between Per, Tommy and yourself on the new album?
Mats - It´s Per and me

The band took a break between 1985-1991 when you decided to go out on a 80´s revival tour with Noice and Attack and you have been performing ever since. Don´t you ever get tired of playing the 1978 hit "Skateboard"?
Mats - We never rehearse it,  but its always fun playing it live

The band was formed in 1973 so this year you´re celebrating 40 years, the first 5 albums are really hard to get these days and the only CD´s available are Hits collections. If possible, wouldn´t it be really cool to release a boxset with all the albums between 1978-1982?
Mats - Its not up to us , Universal Music own most of the recordings

What´s the story behind the album title "Färghållareorglar" (1981) which is almost impossible to say 5 times in a row?
Mats - We wanted to hear the radio people trying to say it , we had a few laughs

Your cover of Veronicas Maggio´s "Satan i gatan" is even better than the original version, how come you ended up recording this song?
Mats - Thanks !  we wanted a new song for encore, so we did a new arrangement at rehearsal, we liked how it turned out and recorded it

Tell me about the members Dan Widegren on drums and Ibbe Frandzen on guitar, when did they join the band?
Mats - Dan has been the drummer since 2002, he had toured with Magnus Uggla and E-type  before and Ibbe is an old friend, former member of Intermezzo, also from Huddinge, he joined us this year

You have done several hits from the late 70´s and early 80´s such as "Marie", "Lover boy", "Digital panik", "Hög hatt och låga skor", "Reggae är hans liv" etc. Besides "Skateboard", which song do you get the best response from the audience today?
Mats - Hög hatt!

What is the most craziest memory from the days when Magnum Bonum were so popular and you performed in sold out venues 30 years ago?
Mats - We played for 5000 people in Furuvik midsommar 80 or 81 , the first song, actually the intro - Tommy fell of the stage , he ran around the corner backstage with the bass and there was a security guard there denying him to get back on stage, the guard realized after a while that he was in the band

I have "Bakom spegeln" (1979) as one of the 10 greatest albums ever done in the Swedish language. My favorite though is Factory´s first album. What´s your favorite album (sung in Swedish)?
Mats -  Livet är en fest by Nationalteatern is one


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