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Born to be wild

Forever Still - Breaking free

The Blanko - Into the silence

Camera, lights, action

Interview with 10 Years

Tantrum To Blind - Piece of me

Aural Window - Candlelight

Keeping Secrets - Press on

Enileven - Temple days project

Circles - Infinitas

Chris Clancy - A place for me

Interview with 7th Heaven

You can still rock in America

Dance the night away

Get your buzz on

A Rock Legend - Tribute to The Who

Scream until you like it

A new world record

Solwave - Lost and found

Lee DeWyze - Frames

The Rebel Light - Jukebox dream

R.O.C.K rocknroll music to the New York streets to the beach of L.A

Vertical Horizon - Echoes from the underground

Mama weer all crazee now

Spirits (ex.Elliot Minor)

I wanna play for you

There´s so many stars in the sky

We built this city on rock and roll

Smile Empty Soul - Chemicals

Make a sound and make it clear

God gave rock and roll to you

True sound of the underground

Mercenary - Generation hate

Dead Letter Circus - Lodestar

Star Off Machine - Left behind

Coney Hatch - Four

Anna Rose - Behold a pale horse

Harmful if Swallowed - Sabrina

Lastdayhere - A new beginning

Anthem Lights - Fight forever

Redlight King - Born to rise

37 channels and more

Eve To Adam - Locked and loaded

Swim Deep - King city

Romantic Rebel - Dirty love song

Black Water Rising - Pissed and driven

Kissaway Trail - Breach

Strange Talk - Falling in love

INVSN - Down in the shadows

Revolution Harmony - We are

Diamante - Goodbye

Another Destiny Project - The meaning of life

No Sleep For Lucy - Feel alive

Like Crazy - A short story

Gabriela Guncikova - Cerny andel

Royal Teeth - Glow

It´s a business doing pleasure with you