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Richie Ramone - Entitled

The Letter Black - Pain killer

Sleep Parade - Inside / Out

The Best of Keane

Dark Age - A matter of trust

Dahaka - When we go together

Divided By Friday - Free tonight

Tantric - Mosquita

Harry Radford - Bite the bullet

The Nerve - Respect

Coney Hatch - Blown away

Boy and Bear - Southern sun

Metropolis America - Bittersweet

IAMEVE - Red and black

The Amplifetes - You want it

Hares - Just a picture

Tupelo Honey - Halo

Nine Sons of Dan - The new kids

Enter Reality - Amongst the masses

Johnny Summerville - Still on my mind

Edge of a Circle - EP

Calling All Cars - Raise the people

Petra - Holy is your name

Doom Unit - Get away

One Days Notice - Ha Ha

Sly Productionz Compilation Volume 1

The Answer - New horizon

Fight Like Sin - Surrender nothing

The Cowards Choir - Reunion

Decyfer Down - Scarecrow

Concordia - Spiders as we speak

Hessler - Waste away

The Bunny The Bear - Sadie

Arc and Stones - Say goodbye

Stonefield - Put your curse on me

Keith Urban - Even the stars fall 4 U

Jonny Lang - Fight for my soul

Your Own Medicine - One man show

Grenouer - Midday show

Fifth Street Saints - Lucky

New Device - Here we stand

Fate - If not for the devil

Doom Unit - III

Starship - It´s not the same as love

Threads of Scarlet - The way out

Born Cages - Perfect harmony

Era For A Moment - Break the spell

Rev Theory - Alpha king

The Infinite Staircase - The things we´ve done

Soulicit - Carolina shine

Crash Karma - Rock musique deluxe

Overworld - My reality

Roam Inside - Another way

The Cavalcade - Little games

Slowlikefire - My name is Billie Jean Davy

Take The Day - Enemy lines

The Silent Comedy - God neon

I´m Still Here - Cassandra

Cayne - King of nothing

Through Colour - Daydream

Icon For Hire - Cynics and critics

Eskimo Joe - Got what you need

Icebergs - Battle songs

Calefactor - Taken for granted

Yaffo - Sabotage

Menew - Used to be easy

The Almost - I´m down

Stone Sour - Tired

Throw Logic - Counterfeit

Euphoria Audio - Gravity

Pink Floyd - A piece for assorted lunatics

Starship - Technicolor black and white

Touchstone - Oceans of time

Wise Girl - Stuck in this

Hawk Eyes - That´s what this is

Amber Reigns - Little thing

Blacklite District - World wide controversy

5 Grams of Perfection - Venomous habits

Coheed and Cambria - Number city

Madlife - Just one gun

A.F.I - 17 crimes

Human Cometh - Mayan logic

Eskimo Joe - Running out of needs

Brent Harris and Thee Jam - Runaway

Veora - The distance between

Dead End Sky - Always

Echo Park - Circles

Degreed - What if

Redlight King - Born to rise

Carmen Gray - Days gone by

Daybreak Embrace - Faded

Starset - My demons

Ben Sheperd - Colllide

Janes Addiction - Another soulmate

War Generation - Done and gone

Skid Row - This is killing me

Alter Bridge - Addicted to pain

Blue October - Angels in everything

Broken Romeo - Broken man

Mine All Mine - Dangerous

Massive - Lacey

The Nearly Deads - Brave

Solar States - Take what you want

Dangerkids - Waking up

Ravenscode - Hyde

Daybreak Embrace - Faded

New Years Day - Angel eyes

Yohio - Revolution

Placebo - Too many friends

Love and Death - Meltdown

Panic at the disco - This is gospel

Toad The Wet Sprocket - Something old, something new

American HiFi - Killing time

Saving Abel - Cracking the safe

Stages and Stereos - Small town

Charming Liars - New disorder

White Lies - There goes our love again

Onix - Breathing down my neck

Ryan Star - Impossible

Nicke Borg Homeland - End of the rainbow

Zander Bleck - Dirty love song

Waltham - Drive me crazy

Colours in the street - Paper child

Starset - My demons

The Red Paintings - Wasps

i-Exist - Giving my life

Face The King - You, me and the sound

The Ongoing Concept - Failures and fakes

New Medicine - Baby´s gone

Kings of Leon - Wait for me

Hello and welcome to my planet

From Ashes To New - My fight

Blessthefall - Deja vu

Lacey Caroline - Every little thing

Wayland vs Sponge

Toad The Wet Sprocket - New constellation

Hey Hello - Hey Hello