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Eve To Adam - Immortal

Blue October - Debris

The Nixon Rodeo - Opposite of me

Burn The Headlines - Hope and reason

Rival Tides - Rival Tides

Mercury Sky - Victim to the sea

Assignment - Inside of the machine

Smash Into Pieces - A friend like you

The Pretty Reckless - Going to hell

Reach - Patterns in static

Silverstein - I will illuminate

MIT - Angels inside

Charetta - I´m not your bitch

INVSN - Down in the shadows

City of Ghosts - The calm in the current

The Last Nova - I walk through the fire

Bleach Blonde - Miss Messenger

The Company We Keep - Control

Eden´s Curse - Evil and divine

Metropolis America - A stolen heart in a stolen car

Villainy - Monday night Fright night

Motion City Soundtrack - Inside out

Anberlin - Devotion : Vital Special Edition

Hindsight - Momentum

The Kicks - Tonight changes everything

In Waves - Indecision

Attention bassists! Stirling Road wants you

Crash Kings - Hot fire

Get Scared - Everyone´s out to get me

I The Mighty - Four letter words

Thin Lizzy - Renegade (expanded edition)

Switchfoot - Love alone is worth the fight

Coldrain - The war is on

The Killers - Direct Hits

Burn The Gallows - Promises Promises

Aria - On my own

Testing Tomorrow - Haunted

Burning Kingdom - Watching as it burns

Michael Spaulding - She´s like the wind

Biffy Clyro - Victory over the sun

The Devil´s Parade - Anthem for the forgotten

Sunrise Avenue - Lifesaver vs Pusher - Fallen soldier

New Empire - Say it like you mean it

Falling Up - The Station

King Kartel - Not done fighting

The Temperance Movement - Midnight black

Starship - It´s not the same as love

The Farthest Edge - Way to drown

Stockades - EP

Static Era - Fire away

Crash and Burn - Can´t remember

Majesty - Spotlight

The Dead Love - This is a war

Korn - Never Never

Glamour of the kill - Second chance

AFI - I hope you suffer

Three Days Grace - Misery loves company

Switchfoot - Fading west

Blue Cow Kent - Phantom Cathedral (artwork)

Blue Cow Kent - Phantom Cathedral

Daughtry - Waiting for Superman

By Design - EP

The Rides - Search and destroy

Megosh - End of the world 1987

Dimidium - Hypocrite

Love Might Kill - Too big to fail

Saliva - Choke

The Heights - Drag race on the moon

Decibel Compilation Vol 4

Decibel Compilation Vol 3

Decibel Compilation Vol 2

Vicinity - Mass delusion

Audio Disease - Contagion

Blacklistt - Home

Everybody Panic - Such a waste

Golden State - The Rush

Falling Anvils - Introspection

Aggressive Chill - Before my breath holds me down

Ryan Star - The America EP

Girugamesh - Incomplete

Saves The Day - The tide of our times

Sunrise Avenue - Lifesaver

Mayday Parade - Monsters in the closet

Vertical Horizon - Echoes from the underground

Mike and The Mechanics - The singles 1986-2013

The Rolling Stones - Sweet summer sun, Hyde Park Live

Hawkwind - Spacehawks

British India - Summer forgive me

Righteous Vendetta - This pain

Burn After Reading - Punch drunk

Bleu - To hell with you

Night By Night - The moment

The Embraced - Giving up the ghost

Midnight Cinema - EP

Sonata Arctica - Alone in heaven

Hearts and Hands - The sun always rises

Camilo - Biting the hands that feeds you

Hildamay - Diminuendo

Mind-Set Ultra - Feel alive

Max Raptor - England breathes

Arcane Roots - Belief

The Afterparty - Open road

The Arcadia Verses - Build your art

Top 10 NWOBHM / AOR songs

Attention Thieves - Hard truths

Attention Thieves - I swear

Avril Lavigne - Rock N Roll

Thought Chamber - Psykerion

Cher - Closer to the truth

Berlin - Animal

The Feeling - Boy cried wolf