If it ain´t Scottish, it´s crap! Please welcome November Lights

When you don't fit the crowd, it takes courage to stick to your guns and carve a path that makes sense to you. That's exactly what November Lights from Scotland have done since forming in late 2014.
The band, consisting of James Hopkins (20), Scott Mitchell (21), Josh Fraser (21), Aidan Branch (23), and Nathan McLaughlin (18) achieve a sound that is unusual for their West of Scotland roots - bleeding elements of pop and Americana, akin to artists such as One Republic and Ryan Adams and fusing them with alternative rock favourites closer to home. It's unusual at times but ultimately works for the band who are beginning to find their place.
The band released their 'TALK' EP in November 2016 and continue to tour and perform across the country in its support. Spring 2017 will see the release of new music with further touring.


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