London based Saints Patience launch debut album Weather The Storm

Saints Patience is an exciting new band from London with great melodies and tight grooves that form the foundation of their classic rock set up. Drawing from a rich palette of influences, they have crafted their own sonic identity using guitars, bass, drums and soulful vocals.
About the album track Awaken:
There are shades of The Beatles’ ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ to the fulsome guitar part that introduces ‘Awaken’, and it is Spencer’s expressive six-string skills that lead the charge on another nailed-on rock classic from Saints Patience. As the searing lead guitar chops and riffs its melodic arc across the verse’s nonchalant, clipped groove, gritty solo and twin-barrel anthemic chorus, it forms the perfect foil to Mudibu’s impassioned ode to infatuation and the power of attraction. “I Just Can’t Keep Away From You”, he belts out in a ridiculously catchy refrain, capturing the angst we’ve all felt when unrequited desire becomes a near unbearable ache.
Saints Patience´s debut album Weather The Storm is out now, stream Awaken here.


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